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The term "ancient Kemetic civilization" refers to the civilization that existed in the region known today as Egypt. The term "Kemetic" is derived from the word "Kemet," which means "black land" in ancient Egyptian, referring to the fertile black soil along the Nile River. The ancient Kemetic civilization is often referred to as "Egyptian civilization" because it developed and thrived in the geographical area that is now modern-day Egypt.

The civilization of ancient Egypt/Kemet is renowned for its rich culture, monumental architecture, advanced knowledge in various fields, and intricate religious and spiritual beliefs. It spanned over thousands of years and left a lasting impact on world history. The term "Kemetic" is sometimes used to emphasize the indigenous roots and culture of the civilization, while "Egyptian" is the more commonly recognized term in modern discourse.



Revelation: On the opposite ends of the fulcrum of life, reside two sets of energies. On one side, advantages, benefit- of- the doubt, freedom and abundance. On the other side, disadvantages, doubt- before- the- benefit, bondage and limitation. The balancing of the two extremes will create love, compassion, unity and will exalt the Kingdom of humanity.

Born in Madisonville, Kentucky, Cleven James Ticeson often quips that he is “Kentucky bred, but Washington fed.” A North-westerner through and through, Cleven is a graduate of Garfield High School in Seattle and The Evergreen State College, Tacoma/Campus. He was recognized for 40 years of service to PBS KCTS 9, where he has worked since 1974 in a variety of capacities, from producer, actor, floor director, senior producer-creative services to senior post-production editor. Cleven is currently a producer of feature films and is vice president of development, for North 182nd LLC, a film company. 

Over the years Cleven has received more than a dozen regional Emmy® honors, and earned national Emmy® recognition for his work on the documentary, Eli Creekmore. Cleven was an actor early in his career. From 1970 to 1973 he was part of the original national touring company of HAIR: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical, for which he was the understudy for the character Hud.

He married Connie Bacalzo in 1972—she jokes that it was between performances of HAIR— and they have four adult children and 11 beautiful grandchildren.

Cleven is committed to education. He was a co-founder and board member of the Seattle Central College School of Applied Sciences and served on the college’s technical advisory board. He also served as an instructor in the Media Literacy Program at Seattle Vocational  Institute. A sought-after speaker and lecturer, Cleven served as vice president of the Seattle Chapter of the Majestic Eagles, founding director of the Seattle Chapter of Power Learning Systems, a past-representative for the Inter-Faith Council of Seattle, and has served as chair of The Bahá'ís of Seattle.

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